Compassion – Let’s Spread It

I debated doing this video because I was afraid some would think I was “tooting my own horn” 📯 for doing a good deed. But then I figured that the world 🌎 could always learn more compassion, not just my kids (see video). And what better way to spread the word than by sharing this. I don’t brag about every good deed I do, because I’m never doing it for recognition. I help where needed simply because I care 💓. And to top it off on why I decided to share this video…I’ve been sick all day 🤧. And when I came home tonight I found homemade soup 🍲 on my front step from one of my best friends. What goes around comes around…I’m a big believer in that. If you care, others will care. Let’s make a change in the world and show more compassion towards each other ☮. We’re all in this together, but how much easier would life be if we all showed more compassion to one another? Let’s give it a try.

Click below to watch the video

Scarred, Not Broken

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